Full Series Brake Disc

The brake disc is used for braking when the car is moving. The brake disc is clamped by the brake Caliper to produce braking force, which can slow down or stop the car.
Brake discs are divided into Solid Disc (single disc) and Vented Disc (double disc). The Solid Disc is a solid metal disk with no other special structure; the Vented Disc has many holes on the circumference that lead to the center of the circle, called the air duct. During the exercise of the car, the convection of air through the air duct achieves the purpose of heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation effect is much better than that of the solid disk.
Material Requirements
The brake disc is made of Chinese gray cast iron standard 250, HT250 for short, which is equivalent to the G3000 standard of the United States. The chemical composition of the three main elements is: C: 3.1~3.4 Si: 1.9~2.3 Mn: 0.6~0.9.
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength≥206MPa, Bending Strength≥1000MPa, Deflection≥5.1mm, Hardness: 187 ~ 241Hbs.
1、Good heat dissipation and drainage performance
2、Simple structure and easy maintenance
3、Fast response, can do high frequency braking action, more in line with the requirements of ABS system
4、The disc brake does not have the automatic braking effect of the drum brake, so the braking force of the left and right wheels is relatively average.