9.6Kwh Power Wall Battery

Shinemann Power Wall battery is tailored for solar storage system and is a new generation of green energywith advantages of high energy density, ultra-longcycle life, well temperature property, excellent safetyproperty, high reliability. suitable for large - scale station and residential energy storage system.

LifePO4 Lithium Technology
1、High energy density
2、High operation reliability
3、Long Life Span
4、Maintenance Free
5、Easy installation
6、Parallel connection is available
7、Intelligent Management - Built-in Smart BMS
8、All-around communication functions
9、LCD Display
10、Comply with IEC62619, TUV, ROHS, UN38.3 Standard
11、Life > 10 years @25C

Smart BMS Protection
1、Cell voltage monitoring
2、Charge/discharge current monitoring
3、Hardware & software double protection
4、Discharge control
5、Charge control
6、Balance Temperature Monitoring
7、Work Status Indication LCD &LED lamp
8、PACK Voltage Monitoring
9、Failure alarm
10、Dry contact

U-P48100X-6 Telecom Battery

Functions of BMS
1、Over charge detection function
2、Over discharge detection function
3、Over current detection function
4、Temperature protection function
5、Short circuit detection function
6、Balance function

1、Electrical vehicles
2、Solar/wind energy storage system
3、UPS, backup power
5、Medical equipment